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We are always available to service your pool. From Swimming pool and spa repair and renovation; Cleaning and maintenance "Keep slimy types out of the Pool!"; Remodelling and Design F-Six Swimming Pool Builders; To Construction design backyard environment that will extend your living space and your pleasure.

F6 Swimming Pool Builders are known for: Swimming Pool Construction, Swimming Pool Contractor, Swimming Pool Designer, Swimming Pool Builder, Swimming Pool Developer.


FREE Site Inspection, 3d Presentation

Extensive Spa Sanitation, Jacuzzi and Infinity designs!

Excellent Cleaning Services!

Quality Swimming Pool Construction!

Quality Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation!

Quality Installation and Supply Swimming Pool Equipment’s and Filtration system!

Quality Installation and Supply Swimming Pool Underwater lights!

Supply Pool Cleaning Accessories and Swimming Pool Fittings!

Offers a full range of remodeling services

Apart from swimming pool and spa repair and renovation, and cleaning and maintenance, F-Six Swimming Pool Builders offers a full range of remodelling services to update your pool and patio into the outdoor living space you want and deserve. We can assist you to remodel your deck, tile or plaster surface, repair cracks, as well as add water features or other pool accessories. We can also assist with designing a new backyard environment from the ground up and manage it all the way to completion.

Architecture perspective & design concepts

F-Six Swimming Pool Builders can assist you to design the backyard environment that will extend your living space and your pleasure. We approach outdoor living design from an art and architecture perspective. We like to develop a space that integrates with your home, your property and your lifestyle. We design all of our pools with ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, safety and enjoyment as integral design concepts.